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Teenagers given detention orders
CCTV footage
All of the youths were sent to youth detention centres
A gang of teenagers who attacked two Polish men in Cambridgeshire has appeared in court.

The victims were subjected to kicks, and punches and were later stamped on during the assault in Wisbech in December last year.

The attack was caught on CCTV, which led to 10 teenagers pleading guilty to affray at Wisbech Youth Court.

The 15 to 17-year-olds were all sentenced to youth detention for periods of between four and 12 months.

None of the teenagers can be named for legal reasons.

When asked in a police interview what his views were of Polish people, one of the teenagers replied: "I don't like them. They should get out of our country."

'Savage nature'

Some of the teenagers admitted being members of the Friday Night Fighters, which targets foreigners in Wisbech, the court was told.

None of the gang were charged with any race related crime.

Outside court Pc Malcolm Graham said: "This sentence reflects the savage nature of this attack which appears to be racially motivated.

"It sends out a strong signal to all young people and all parents who wonder what their children might be up to when they are roaming the streets at night."

Fred Yeulett, of Fenland District Council and chairman of the Fenland Safer Partnership, said: "This was an isolated incident in Fenland and we really must look to protect all the citizens in Fenland and make it a safe place.

"This is an incident where CCTV will show people the streets are being monitored."

The gang's violent attack on two young Polish men was caught on CCTV

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