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Ancient woods climate change link
Thorpe Wood Nature Reserve
Woods across Cambridge are to be preserved by the Wildlife Trust
Woodlands in Cambridgeshire dating back 900 years are to be linked in an attempt to help wildlife which could be affected by changes to the climate.

Waresley and Gransden Woods are to be linked by the creation of 70 acres of woodland to Gamlingay Woods, in a project by the Wildlife Trust charity.

The Trust aims to offer animals freedom of movement between the woods and to enhance diminishing woodland.

The "Forests for The Future" also aims to protect woods across the county.

The project award of 150,000 by the Landfill Communities Fund involves coppicing and clearing paths to attract more insects and mammals to woodland across Cambridgeshire.

Emma Pollard, development manager at the Wildlife Trust, told BBC News: "Our history, a long history of intensive agriculture in the county, means that we do have less woodland than other counties.

"So it's incredibly important that we protect and enhance what we've got left and try and create new woodland wherever possible.

"We're creating 70 acres of new woodland - it's our first step in linking two ancient woodlands which is really important because of climate change that we link sites so wildlife can move more freely."

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