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Archer offers sculptures reward
Mary and Jeffrey Archer
Lady Archer was at home when the theft took place
An 1,000 reward has been offered for the return of sculptures stolen from the garden of Lord and Lady Archer.

Two pieces, including one of a naked shepherd, were stolen on Tuesday night while Mary Archer, 61, was in the house in Grantchester, Cambridgeshire.

The couple are putting up the reward in the hope that someone will contact the police with information leading to the safe return of the pieces.

Police said the break-in is the latest in a series of metal thefts.

Officers believe metal is being stolen and shipped for recasting.

'Deep value'

Lady Archer said: "These pieces mean a lot to us and we are very anxious to have them returned.

"They are originals and of a considerable value but their value to us is much deeper than that. They are quite recognisable and unique."

The first piece, titled Shepherd and Sheep, is by Christopher Marvell and was installed in 1998.

The second, titled Girl Doing a Handstand, is by family friend the late Sydney Harpley and was commissioned in 1986.

Det Sgt Dean Wiffin added: "The sculptures were sawn off their base before being taken from the garden. These sculptures would have needed a large vehicle to move them."

Multi-millionaire author Jeffrey Archer, 66, who was jailed for four years for perjury and perverting the course of justice at the Old Bailey in 2001, has been collecting sculptures for many years.

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