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Last Updated: Friday, 29 December 2006, 20:12 GMT
Killer on the run found in Spain
Mark Ryder
Ryder shot dead a man the first time he escaped from guards
A convicted murderer who went on the run after escaping from guards during a day trip has been arrested in Spain.

Mark Ryder, 35, was arrested in Malaga and has 14 days to appeal against extradition proceedings to bring him back to Britain.

Ryder escaped from Highpoint jail in Stradishall, Suffolk, during an escorted shopping trip to Cambridge's Grafton Centre on 12 October.

He had served 12 years of a 15-year sentence at the time of his escape.

A judge imposed a life sentence on Ryder in 1993 after he shot dead a love rival having escaped from prison guards on a previous escorted trip to Brighton, East Sussex.


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