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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 October 2006, 15:51 GMT 16:51 UK
Shoot leader fined after assault
Richard Clarke
Richard Clarke had denied any offence
A pub landlord and country sports enthusiast has been fined after being convicted of threatening a cameraman at one of the UK leading partridge shoots.

Richard Clarke, 48, fired a volley of abuse at Michael Huskisson who was filming the event at Six Mile Bottom, on the Cambs/Suffolk border.

Ely magistrates heard that he then pushed Mr Huskisson into a car.

Magistrates found Clarke guilty of assault and threatening behaviour fined him 250 and 360 in costs.

Clarke, the former regional chairman of the National Gamekeepers' Organisation, and landlord of The Green Man pub in Six Mile Bottom, had denied any offence.

Mr Huskisson, who runs his own film company and lives in Halesworth, Suffolk, told magistrates that he filmed the shoot, on 6 January, from a public road.

He said he was not interfering with the event and did not say anything to provoke Clarke or anyone else involved in the shoot.

Richard Clarke
Richard Clarke, 48, fired a volley of abuse at Michael Huskisson

He said Clarke walked over to him, called him a "pervert" and then unleashed a volley of foul language.

He said Clarke then hit his camera with a stick and punched him, causing him to fall back on to the side of his car.

Mr Huskisson said his arm was bruised as a result of the attack. The court saw some of the footage taken by Mr Huskisson.

The tape showed Clarke walking over, carrying a stick, and swearing at Mr Huskisson. Clarke argued that Mr Huskisson was an antagonist and was disrupting the shoot.

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