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Last Updated: Saturday, 15 April 2006, 17:23 GMT 18:23 UK
Chavs and Goths 'in airsoft war'
Airsoft event at Peterborough
Street warden David Thomas with some of the chavs and goths
City street wardens are holding another war games event to bring together rival groups of young people.

They aim to help reduce fear of crime in Peterborough city centre especially around Cathedral Square where they say "chavs" and "goths" congregate.

The street wardens are organising their third "airsoft" event, a game like paintball without the mess and played in derelict buildings.

It helps build up contact between rival gangs, a city council spokesman said.

Twenty youngsters will take part in the event next week.

Chavs aim to be at the cutting edge of fashion at the least possible cost by adorning themselves with nine carat gold jewellery and body piercings.
They have a distinctive dress code with Burberry baseball cap, branded sportswear and trainers.
Their music is listened to on the move through MP3 players, portable CD players or minis that blast out rap to the boys, R&B to the girls and dance to both.
Conversation is slurred and very much estuary English often ending in a "yeah!" for emphasis.

Street wardens frequently deal with young people fighting, graffiti and underage drinking. Some youngsters have also been caught using BB guns which fire round plastic balls.

Street wardens hope the event will continue to encourage a sense of respect among young people from opposing groups within the city.

A spokesman for the city council said: "Fights break out between rival gangs, under age drinking is observed and we frequently have to call ambulances or contact distraught parents."

When violence breaks out plastic ball bearing guns are sometimes used and this presents a danger to the general public.

Goths aim to be individuals but share a distinctive uniform, common tastes and attitude.
They are often sullen, dress in black and red with silver or stainless steel and leather adornments and body piercings.
They carry around a lot of metal on their clothes and bodies. They wear heavy military style boots, fishnet tights or stockings if they are female and distressed clothing.
Their rooms are dark caves full of the sounds of Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Cure, the Mission, Cradle of Filth, Sisters of Mercy and other guitar bands.
They rarely speak to adults but their language tends towards estuary although many retain their regional accents.

After the last event David Thomas, street warden supervisor, said: "We have taken 20 away to an airsoft event and they really enjoyed themselves.

"They took part in an event doing something they enjoy.

"Our aim is to encourage them to build a sense of respect towards each other, draw out leadership qualities and enable them to learn how to handle responsibility."

The event also has a serious side because instructors highlight the dangers of using BB guns in public places.


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