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Goth vicar's self-harming sermon
Goth service
About 20 Goths regularly attend the 45-minute services
A clinical psychologist is to preach a church sermon about self-harm in a bid to start a debate about the problem.

Rev Dr Fraser Watts will speak at a special service for young people in the Goth community at St Edward King and Martyr Church in Cambridge on Tuesday.

The sermon idea came from Rev Marcus Ramshaw, associate vicar at the church, who organises services for Goths.

"I know a lot of people who self-harm and I think it is a particular problem within the Goth community," he said.

Favour black clothing

The clergyman, referred to as the Goth vicar, believes self-harming is also a major issue among young people and he hopes to spark a wider discussion about it.

"I'm amazed it hasn't been discussed more within the church. It almost seems to be a taboo subject."

The Rev Ramshaw is a Goth and about 20 Goths regularly attend his 45-minute services.

Goths favour black clothing, black and white make-up and tend to follow a style of rock music derived from punk.

No hymns are sung at the Cambridge church's Goth services but contemporary Goth music is played by artists including Depeche Mode, Joy Division and the Sisters of Mercy.

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