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Boy aged four savaged by bulldog
George Brown
George Brown is recovering after being mauled by a bulldog
A four-year-old boy needed 200 stitches to his face after he was attacked by a bulldog while out playing with friends.

George Brown was mauled by an American Bulldog on Monday night on Huntingdon's Oxmoor Estate and was treated at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge.

He also had plastic surgery to his ear and faces more treatment this week.

The dog, which also bit a little girl during the incident, has been put down and Cambridgeshire police have started an inquiry into the incident.

The children said he was thrown about like a ball
Denise Western, George's grandmother

The boy's grandmother Denise Western said doctors had to treat an horrific set of injuries.

"The dog ran out of its owner's house, knocking down a woman, and made straight for George who was playing with about 10 other children.

"The children said he was thrown about like a ball. The ambulance took him straight to hospital where he had 200 stitches and plastic surgery.

"He's going to have more treatment on Friday and the stitches removed so they do not leave holes in his skin.

"In four weeks' time he's going to be a page boy at his mother's wedding."

George's mother Daniella Brown, who was on the scene soon after the attack, said the dog had also bitten a little girl.

"He made a beeline for George but a girl standing in the way was also attacked," she said.

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