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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 August 2005, 10:23 GMT 11:23 UK
Boy's dream of rubbish comes true
Gordon Currie
Gordon was presented with a special cake with a refuse truck picture
A young boy's dreams have come true after his parents organised a surprise visit to a Cambridgeshire rubbish dump for his sixth birthday.

Gordon Currie, who lives with his parents in Paston, Peterborough, has been fascinated with rubbish lorries and how they work since the age of two.

His parents Cheryl, 34, and Gordon, 33, organised the trip to the depot on Wednesday with the council's help.

Young Gordon said he wants to be a bin man when he grows up.

During the visit Gordon was trained on how to operate the controls that empty bins into the back of trucks.

'Pressing big button'

At the end of the visit the Mayor and Mayoress of Peterborough councillor John and Betty Horrell, presented a special cake with a refuse lorry picture to Gordon.

Mother-of-two and housewife Cheryl Bradley said: "He was speechless, I've never known him so quiet.

Gordon, who has a growing collection of toy refuse vehicles, said the best part of the trip was "putting the bins on the back of the dustbin" and "pressing the big button".

Gordon's father said: "Gordon has had a fascination with rubbish trucks since he was about two.

"He would climb on the window-sill to watch the bin men going down the street.

"A couple of years ago I took him to an air show at Duxford air museum and he wasn't very impressed by all the aeroplanes.

"But he was fascinated by the rubbish trucks that came in to empty all the bins at the end of the day."

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