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War veteran removed from memorial
WWWI memorial - Picture by Cambridgeshire Times
Money has been raised to fully restore the memorial
A soldier's name is to be removed from a World War I memorial in a Cambs village after it was discovered he died almost 40 years after the war ended.

Percy Cox had served with the 7th Leicestershire Regiment and was thought to have been killed on the battlefield.

But the local paper found that Mr Cox, from Stonea, had been wounded, and later joined the Australian army.

Wimblington and Stonea Parish council chairman Liz Wright said it was "sad but rules were rules".

Ms Wright said the parish council had been aware of the problem for many years, but at the time it was too expensive to remove one name.

"Over the past 10 years the memorial has deteriorated rapidly. So councillor Amanda Carlin decided to raise money for its restoration, in time for the 60th anniversary of VE/VJ day.

Percy Cox views memorial - Picture by Cambridgeshire Times
Percy Cox returned to Cambs and committed suicide in 1954

"As it was being restored we thought it was a good time to amend the name list.

"We carried out wider consultations with various bodies and we also know that none of Mr Cox's relatives are still in the village.

"It's sad, but Percy wasn't killed during the war and his name shouldn't have been on the memorial in the first place. That's just how it is. Rules are rules."

Cambridgeshire Times researched the story and in 1952 took a picture of Mr Cox looking at his name on the memorial.

Mr Cox had returned to Cambridgeshire and was living in Sawston under the name of Edward Durham.

In 1954 Mr Cox, who was a widower, committed suicide.

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