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Last Updated: Saturday, 16 July, 2005, 16:40 GMT 17:40 UK
Suicide bombing movie is pulled
Director Hany Abu-Assad
Director Hany Abu-Assad's film has received acclaim
A film festival has decided not to show a prize-winning movie about two suicide bombers following the London attacks.

Cambridge Film Festival organisers said they had decided to cancel screenings of Paradise Now - which was due to be shown on Saturday night and Sunday.

A festival spokesman said the decision was made because of the "sensitivities involved" after the "tragic events".

The film, directed by Hany Abu-Assad, is the story of two Palestinian men who have been recruited as suicide bombers.

In a statement, a spokesman for the festival said: "Because of the recent tragic events and the sensitivities involved, the Cambridge Film Festival has regretfully decided to cancel the screenings of Paradise Now.

"The decision has been taken after consultation with the local authorities and the police."

Organisers said all ticket money would be refunded and an alternative film shown instead.

Paradise Now - an Arabic film made in 2005 - won prizes at the Berlin Film Festival in that year.

The Cambridge Film Festival website describes the picture as "a balanced portrayal of volatile subject matter".

The festival, held annually at the Arts Picture House in Cambridge, has been running since 7 July and ends on Sunday.

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