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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 November 2005, 14:16 GMT
Traffic causing stress condition
Traffic jam
Listening to music can relieve traffic stress syndrome
Traffic stress has been recognised as an identifiable syndrome after a study by a college lecturer.

The condition causes definite symptoms of headaches and sweaty palms.

It can also cause loss of concentration and can develop after as little as five minutes in a traffic jam, the research has revealed.

David Moxon, a psychology lecturer from Peterborough Regional College, put the research together and said drivers can relieve the symptoms by relaxing.

The condition often affects drivers on very busy roads like the M25 to avoid these if possible, he said.

"Taking slow calming breathes, filling the vehicle with pleasant fragrances and listening to relaxing music can help relieve symptoms."

People living in London or East Anglia are most prone to traffic stress syndrome, according to the research findings.

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