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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 September, 2004, 05:32 GMT 06:32 UK
Officer's hope for Huntley truth
Ian Huntley
Ian Huntley murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman
The officer who headed the Soham murder investigation has revealed he still maintains a hope Ian Huntley will reveal the truth behind the killings.

Det Ch Supt Chris Stevenson hopes Huntley will reveal why and how he killed Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

"I'm not satisfied - and nor were the jury - that the story he came out with in court was true," he said.

He also believes Cambs Police is now in a far more robust position to deal with similar crimes in the future.

A matter for Huntley

Speaking at the Police Superintendents' Association annual conference in Warwickshire, Mr Stevenson added: "He said that Holly fell in the bath and drowned and then Jessica, when he stopped her screaming, suffocated.

"Only three people knew the truth, and two of them are dead.

"It's something to look to in the future. When you look at the Ian Brady case he eventually admitted what he did."

The detective, who retires in November, said: "It is a matter entirely for him."

He also told of how Cambridgeshire had shared its experiences of dealing with such a difficult and wide-ranging murder inquiry with other forces.

Huntley was given two life sentences after being found guilty of murdering the 10-year-old best friends.

Soham detective sacked from force
18 Aug 04  |  Cambridgeshire



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