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Last Updated: Friday, 19 December, 2003, 14:47 GMT
Science centre boost for women
Female scientist
The new centre aims to increase the number of women in SAT
A consortium of universities has been given a 2.4m contract to run a new centre to promote women in science, engineering and technology.

The resource centre will be opened in Bradford during spring 2004 and will be run by Bradford College, Sheffield Hallam University, Cambridge University and the Open University.

It will give practical help and support to women already working in the fields as well as those thinking of a career in the area and those taking a break.

Staff will develop mentoring and networking schemes and the centre will hold a comprehensive database of expert women scientists and engineers.

Another primary aim will be to gather statistics about the educational and career attainment of girls and women.

Focal point

It is hoped the centre will become a focal point for other women in science organisations across the UK as they will be able to access its information and resources through a website and telephone helpline.

Science and innovation minister, Lord Sainsbury said: "The new resource centre is a major part of our plans to increase the number of women who start, stay and succeed in science.

"The centre will provide practical advice and support both to women scientists and employers in science, engineering and technology.

"Scientific and technological advances make a difference to all our lives and so we must make good use of all the UK's potential talent, not just one half of it."

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