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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 November, 2003, 06:28 GMT
College geese plans criticised
Canada Geese
Animal Aid says the university should learn to live with the geese
Plans to reduce the number of Canada geese at a Cambridge University college have been criticised by animal rights campaigners.

St John's College said it has received complaints about the geese gathering in its grounds and disturbing the working life of the college.

A spokesman said the college was "taking steps to reduce the population".

"Working within the official government guidelines for the management of Canada geese, for 18 months we have tried a number of methods to disperse and deter the birds," said the spokesman.

"We are taking steps to reduce the population in a safe, humane and legal manner."

'College should set example'

But animal welfare group Animal Aid said Cambridge University should learn to live with the geese.

The spokesman said the proposed cull may be legal but it was immoral.

"Colleges at Cambridge University should set an example," said the spokesman.

"They should not be so uptight. They should learn to live with animals other than humans.

Protest plans

"Surely there must be another way to solve the problem than to simply kill the geese.

"Could they not clean up the lawns after the geese. Could they not perhaps plant more grass?

"My message is learn to co-exist with animals not to kill them."

Students at the college say they will protest about the plans.

Geese 'phone' home
10 Jun 02  |  Science/Nature

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