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Timeline: Girls' last movements
Ian Huntley
The prosecution said there were a number of sightings of Mr Huntley
The prosecution's account of the crucial hours around the time that Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman disappeared has been described in detail by Richard Latham QC.

Saturday 3 August 2002

0915 BST:

Ms Carr arrived in Grimsby, having travelled with Mr Huntley's parents by car in order to stay with her mother, the prosecution said.

A number of phone calls between Ms Carr's and Mr Huntley's mobiles followed, Mr Latham added.

1107 BST:

Ms Carr called Mr Huntley, the prosecution said.

1257 BST:

Mr Huntley made a return call, with phone records showing Ms Carr was in the Grimsby area, Mr Latham said.

Sunday 4 August 2002

0953 BST:

According to the prosecution, a call was made from Mr Huntley's mobile to that of Ms Carr's mother, Shirley Capp.

Later the Soham college mobile - which Mr Huntley had access to - was used to call Ms Carr's mobile.

1145 BST:

Jessica went to the Wells house to give Holly a necklace, having phoned first. Jessica's sister Rebecca made sure the girl had her mobile phone with her before leaving, the court was told.

Noon to 1230 BST:

Mr Latham said Natalie Parr, a friend of Holly and Jessica, was collected by her mother from the Wells house, 700m from the Chapman house. The three girls had been playing on Holly's computer.

Holly and Jessica continued to play on the computer.

After the girls ate sandwiches for lunch, Holly's mother believed they may have gone out for 20 minutes, possibly to buy sweets at the Ross Peers sports centre, Mr Latham said.

1431 BST:

The prosecution said Ian Huntley rented a video at this time.

1515 BST:

The girls were back in the Wells house by this time, when two friends of the family arrived for a barbecue, the court was told.

1650 BST:

Mr Huntley - wearing a green waterproof jacket - was seen again at the junction of College Road and Clay Street near the sports centre, Mr Latham said.

1704 BST:

Both girls were wearing red Manchester United football shirts, and Holly asked for a picture to be taken. Mr Latham said by chance it was in front of a clock showing 1704 BST.

1730-1815 BST: The family and guests sat down to dinner, with the girls leaving the table at the end. The prosecution said this might assist in determining the time of death because of the amount of time food remains in the stomach.

1815 BST:

The court was told that Kevin and Nicola Wells heard the girls in Holly's bedroom through the thin floorboards. Mr Latham said: "This is the last time Nicola and Kevin Wells saw and heard of the girls."

At around that time, Mr Latham said the girls left home, "in all probability intent on returning within the hour".

The prosecution said Mr Huntley was sighted next to the sports centre, also at 1815 BST, by the same witness who had seen him at 1650 BST.

The witness was working in the reception of the sports centre and saw Mr Huntley head towards St Andrew's School, Mr Latham said.

It was not possible to see whether he had his dog with him, the witness said.

Mr Latham said after the 1815 BST sighting, Mr Huntley and his Ford Fiesta were not seen by anyone until 2235 BST that night.

He said the journey from Soham to where the bodies were found takes 30 to 40 minutes in a car.

1824 BST:

At this time there was a call between Ms Carr's mobile and Mr Huntley's mobile which lasted two minutes and 13 seconds, Mr Latham said, describing them as "two important minutes".

Ms Carr's claim that Mr Huntley had told her during this call that he had seen and spoken to the girls was not true, Mr Latham suggested, saying all the evidence was that he had not seen them by this time.

1827 and 48 seconds BST:

The prosecution says this was the exact time CCTV footage from the area near the sports centre showed the girls walking across the car park in their Manchester United shirts.

1828 and 30 seconds BST:

Mr Latham said the time on the CCTV was very important. The girls passed by four cars as they were crossing the car park on their own, walking normally. Within 20 yards from where they were last captured on camera, was the reception of the sports centre. A witness on the reception said the girls wanted to come in to buy sweets, Mr Latham added.

1830 BST:

A text message was sent from Ms Carr's mobile to Mr Huntley's, the prosecution said.

1831 BST:

Mr Latham said a witness in the car park - a Mrs Greenwood - was leaving the centre with her playing partners. She recalls seeing two girls with red shirts in the foyer area. She and her playing partners walked to their parked cars, seen on CCTV, and drove away at 1831 BST.

1832-1833 BST:

Mrs Greenwood and her friends saw the same two girls again, this time in College Road, the prosecution said. The girls were walking along the footpath to Clay Street, their arms were linked, and they were wearing red shirts. Mr Latham said they were very sure of this time.

Mr Latham said: "As pedestrians, their route would have taken them right past 5 College Close, the home of the defendants.

"There wouldn't have been time to engage in any prolonged conversation with Huntley outside his house."

1839 BST:

Two witnesses driving along College Road did not see the girls, the prosecution said.

1846 BST:

Jessica's mobile phone sends its final signal to the Vodafone network, Mr Latham said.

Mr Latham explained that if a mobile was turned off or its battery ran out, it sent a last message to the network to say it was losing contact.

2000-2030 BST:

As the guests left the Wells' house, the girls were found to be missing, the prosecution said. It was thought the girls could have left by the front door unseen. The search began when Kevin and Oliver Wells, Holly's elder brother, went out on their bikes at 2030 BST.

2040 BST:

Mrs Wells rang Mrs Chapman, who tried to phone Jessica's mobile. Mr Latham said: "It was switched off... [this] increased the cause for alarm."

2145 BST:

The girls were reported missing to the police, Mr Latham said.

2230 BST:

The prosecution said the police arrived at this time and were given a description of the girls, the clothes they were wearing and also the jewellery.

2345 BST:

The court was told a police officer drove past Mr Huntley's house at this point, but could not remember seeing his car.

Monday 5 August 2002

0000-0030 BST:

Mr Latham said a witness helping to search for the girls passed Mr Huntley's house which was in "complete darkness". He also did not recall seeing the car which was usually there, Mr Latham added.

0100 BST:

A female police officer, a dog handler, saw Mr Huntley outside his house, the prosecution said. He said he was the caretaker. She said she was looking for two 10-year-old girls. He volunteered to get the keys to the college and open it up, Mr Latham told the court.

In the early hours of Monday morning, Mr Huntley was involved with the police search for the missing girls, opening doors around the school, and switching off the burglar alarm, the jury was told.

0115 BST:

Computer records show the school alarm was deactivated, Mr Latham said.

0135 BST:

Richard Latham QC said at 0135 Monday morning Huntley first admitted to police he had seen the girls after 1800 the previous evening. He said: "This information would have been useful at 2235".

The BBC's Duncan Kennedy
"They walked to the courtroom to hear for the first time in detail what the prosecution says happened to their daughters"

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