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Last Updated: Monday, 27 October, 2003, 11:51 GMT
Students fight kebab shop closure
A 50-year-old university kebab shop is under threat from college authorities but students are staging a fight back to save it.

Caius College in Cambridge wants to redevelop the site of Gardies kebab and burger shop as new accommodation for a growing number of students.

The university student newspaper, Varsity, has started a petition to stop the closure of the shop, which has fed hungry undergraduates since 1961.

Caius wants to end the lease of the premises in upmarket Rose Crescent next December.

"The closure of Gardies is a travesty of the highest order," said Tom Ebbutt, editor of Varsity.

Gardies is way more than a cut above the rest
Tom Ebbutt, editor of Varsity

"The food at Gardies is way more than a cut above the rest, the fare it dishes up wouldn't look out of place in a restaurant and it does it all for a reasonable price."

Owner for the last 14 years Vassilus Anastasiou, 42, says he is absolutely devastated by the decision and has spent two months off work with depression after hearing the news.

He said: "We provide a valuable service and are popular because our food is cheap but good quality. We're welcoming to all the students and they're always popping in for a chat or to borrow some milk or sugar."

The shop's lease is scheduled to run until 2009 but the college has already issued a letter confirming its decision.

Barry Hedley, senior bursar of Caius College, denied the reason was because of anything but very strong pressures for more accommodation.

He said: "I would like Rose Crescent to be a calm and quiet place."

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