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History of airfield crashes
The crash scene on Saturday
Saturday saw a Fairey Firefly crash into a wheat field
Accidents are an ever present danger with elderly aircraft.

The Imperial War Museum at Duxford, in Cambridgeshire, has a large collection of vintage aircraft and is used by private owners.

Over the years it has seen several crashes.

This week air accident investigators called for a safety review after an accident on 2 June 2002, when an L-39 military jet trainer aircraft came to rest on the M11 motorway after going through the boundary fence at Duxford.

In July 2001 two men escaped from vintage T6 Harvard plane after it crashed on take-off.

The plane on the motorway
In 2002 a jet trainer came to rest on the M11

Photographer Phil Makanna returned to the smouldering wreck to drag pilot Clive Denney clear before the American World War II trainer plane burst into flames.

In October 1997, the last working World War II German Messerschmitt Bf109 crashed at an air show while being flown by one of the most senior officers in the RAF.

The proximity of the M11 was almost a serious factor as the machine came to rest upside down in a field close to the motorway.

The pilot, Air Chief Marshal Sir John Allison, Commander-in-Chief of RAF Strike Command, had to be freed by fire crews but was unhurt.

The Messerschmitt, notoriously difficult to land because of its narrow undercarriage and poor visibility had overshot the runway while coming in to land.

In July 1996 a World War II P38 Lightning fighter clipped a wing on the ground while on a low-level fly-past.

The plane span out of control and hit a line of parked aeroplanes, killing the pilot instantly.

Again, wreckage came to rest just yards from the M11 and a lorry driver was shaken but otherwise unharmed after his vehicle was hit by flying debris.

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