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Last Updated: Friday, 13 June, 2003, 18:03 GMT 19:03 UK
Quads revisit IVF clinic
Gudjondottir quads
The Gudjondottir quads are looking forward to shopping in Cambridge
Iceland's first and only quadruplets have been visiting the Cambridgeshire clinic where they were conceived.

The Gudjondottir quads, who are now 14, travelled to Bourn Hall from their home in Vogar, Iceland, with their father Gudjons, 47, and mother Magret, 48.

Their birth on 1 November was one of the many success stories of the fertility clinic which this summer is celebrating the 25th anniversary of IVF treatment.

Their mother said the family enjoyed returning to the clinic.

"I got my biggest gift from here so I have warm feelings about it," she said.

The girls Alexandra, Brynhildur, Elin and Dilja will be travelling back to Bourn Hall again next month for one of the biggest gatherings of IVF babies to mark the anniversary.

It is the girls' third visit to see the couple their mother lived while she was having her fertility treatment.

IVF pioneers

Iris and John Hardy ran a guesthouse in nearby Caxton End and have been close friends with the family even since.

They have always kept in touch with Iris and John who retired two years ago.

The girls stayed with them when they were six months old and returned as six-year-olds.

"We love to see them, they are growing up so fast," said Iris.

"It seems just like yesterday that they were tiny and we had a babe in each arm.

"They are growing into beautiful young women - and are very much looking forward to going shopping in Cambridge."

Bourn Hall will host IVF babies party on 26 July to celebrate 25 years since IVF pioneers Patrick Steptoe and Professor Bob Edwards perfected the technique with the birth of Louise Brown, the world's first IVF baby.

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