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Changes made to 2+ car share lane

A controversial 2+ lane on the Avon Ring Road in South Gloucestershire is to have its hours of operation reduced in an attempt to cut congestion.

The changes will also mean HGVs and all taxis will be allowed to use the lane on the A4174.

The lane has been strongly criticised for penalising anyone who cannot car share and for encouraging rat-running through Winterbourne Down.

The lane's hours will begin at 0730 BST instead of 0700 and end at 0930 BST.

South Gloucestershire councillor Brian Allinson said: "We know that the Ring Road is suffering from an ever increasing volume of traffic and so we need to increase the capacity of the road and reduce congestion for local people.

"By allowing lorries to use the 2+ lane, we will be able to provide a priority route to the M32 junction.

"This should reduce pollution as HGVs won't be sitting in stationary or slow-moving traffic, which is a common feature of the general purpose lane."

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