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'Freeconomist' to live moneyless

Mark Boyle
Mr Boyle plans to begin his experiment on Buy Nothing Day

A Bristol man is beginning a year-long experiment to live without money.

Economics graduate Mark Boyle, 29, plans to live off the land in a borrowed caravan while relying on friends and "a woolly jumper".

He describes himself as a "freeconomist" who exchanges skills without having to use money and believes capitalism is flawed.

The social experiment is being launched later in Timsbury, Bristol, to coincide with Buy Nothing Day.

Mr Boyle will use a wood-burning stove to cook, wash in a solar shower and use a hole in the ground as a toilet.

"I want to see what life is actually like living without money in western civilisation," he said.

He added: "I've been preparing a lot over the last couple of months, but the challenge will be the things I can't plan for - a broken arm, exhaustion or the worst case scenario, a family bereavement."

A previous attempt to walk to India without spending money ended in Calais when his lack of French meant he could not explain his mission and he returned to Bristol.

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