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Dalek mimic parrot returns home


Leonard's extensive repertoire has made him a hit with family and friends

A parrot called Leonard who can imitate Doctor Who baddies the Daleks has been returned to his owners after going missing for four days.

Maya Brandt and Ian Chaney said they were "frantic" after the African grey flew out of a window of their workshop in Easton, Bristol.

Leonard joins in with the pips before the news on BBC Radio 4 and knows the song YMCA by Village People.

He was found in the Brislington area of the city earlier.

Ms Brandt, 50, said: "It's fantastic to have him back - he's such a laugh.

"My nephews Magnus, nine, and Izaac, 13, taught him to say 'exterminate' like a Dalek and he also says 'alright my lover' and 'alright ma'.

"You do have to watch what you say in front of him but his comic timing is brilliant."

'So funny'

As well as learning popular songs, Leonard has also managed to pick up the introduction to Beethoven's fifth symphony and the Ode to Joy from his ninth.

Ms Brandt, who has just undergone chemotherapy for breast cancer, said the bird was "great fun".

She said: "Laughter is such good therapy and he's so funny."

The couple were given the bird four years ago by friends.

Leonard is allowed to fly freely around in the couple's home and at their antique restoration workshop.

Mr Chaney, 43, said: "We were moving furniture and he just flew out of the window and was gone. There was nothing I could do.

"We made the appeal and I got a phone call to say he'd been found in Brislington. He's been rabbiting on ever since."

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