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New graffiti art on city pub wall

Mural by artist Nick Walker
The pub's owners are due to visit to see the mural on Wednesday

A new mural by artist Nick Walker has appeared on the outside wall of the Highbury Vaults pub in Bristol.

The tagged stencilled work shows Rapunzel with her hair let down like a rope to allow a hooded youth to climb up to her window.

In the youth's hand is a can of spray paint which he has used to write a heart-shaped V to spell "vandalism".

Pub manager Bradd Francis said he thought the work was "very nice, inoffensive and quirky".

Although it was not commissioned by Mr Francis or the brewery, he said he thought "it highlighted an otherwise white building".

The new art has only just been unveiled after scaffolders began to dismantle platforms built around the pub exterior while it was given a new coat of paint.

There had been some confusion over who the artist was until the tag was revealed showing the work to be by Mr Walker.

Chris Logan, owner of CPS Services which supplied the scaffold, was the first person to see the new work.

"I was totally shocked," he said.

"It's nice to have Bristol artwork in a student pub. It deserves recognition," he said.

"Some of my team thought it was by Banksy at first," he added.

Nick Walker has been working in Bristol for more than 20 years and is a contemporary of Banksy.

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