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Free dinners for penniless walker
Mark Boyle
Mr Boyle is hoping to prove the kindness of humanity
A businessman aiming to walk from England to India without spending any money, has revealed he was given two free dinners on his first evening away.

Mark Boyle is trekking from Bristol to Porbander, Gandhi's birthplace, armed with T-shirts, a bandage and sandals, to prove the kindness of humanity.

The 28-year-old belongs to the Freeconomy movement which wants to get rid of money altogether.

In his online diary, he said he was fed twice on his arrival at Glastonbury.

The first meal was offered by a local peace activist, the second by a group of supporters.

"A few local freeconomists and also the founders and organisers of the amazing Sunrise Celebration festival, found me and brought me back to theirs for my second dinner that evening, gave me a bed and packed my bag full of food," he said.

The former organic food company boss revealed he had received about 200 "beeps and waves" by passing motorists on the first leg of his journey.

He also said he had endured freezing temperatures and the "world's biggest blister".

Mr Boyle aims to walk between 15 and 45 miles (24 to 72 kilometres) a day, with the goal of getting to Porbandar on India's west coast.

He plans not to touch any money and has not taken any credit cards or travellers' cheques with him.

Penniless India trek is under way
30 Jan 08 |  Bristol/Somerset


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