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Last Updated: Friday, 7 December 2007, 14:48 GMT
Lying speedster spared jail term
Nicola Gill on CCTV
Nicola Gill was caught on camera doing 89mph in Devon
A pregnant woman who repeatedly lied to police, claiming she was not driving a speeding sports car, has been given a four-month suspended jail sentence.

Nicola Gill, of Emerson's Green Bristol, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice after nominating other people as drivers of her BMW car.

She was caught driving at 89mph on a 70mph section of the A38 in Devon.

Plymouth Crown Court heard the 27-year lied in an attempt to save her licence and keep her 50,000 sales rep job.

Gill already had nine points on her licence and a speeding conviction could have resulted in disqualification.

Judge Francis Gilbert QC disqualified her from driving for six months and ordered her to pay 800 costs.

Prosecutor Paul Frost said she had subsequently lost her job.

You were extremely dishonest and very stupid indeed
Judge Francis Gilbert QC

The court heard Gill initially said the driver was a friend from Canada.

Officers then showed Gill a photograph of her in the speeding vehicle and she claimed the driver was her sister Nathalie.

Finally Gill contacted police, saying she wanted to admit the offence.

Judge Gilbert said the offence normally warranted immediate custody, but as Gill's baby was due in March and her doctor said prison could harm her, he decided to suspend the four-month sentence for 12 months.

"This demonstrates quite clearly how criminal and dishonest you are. You were extremely dishonest and very stupid indeed."


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