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Last Updated: Tuesday, 2 October 2007, 13:51 GMT 14:51 UK
Muslim group condemns Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden
The letter has been read out on US television
A Muslim group has published an open letter to Osama Bin Laden, read out on US television, condemning violence and the attacks of 11 September 2001.

The Bristol Muslim Cultural Society (BMCS) said it wanted to challenge misconceptions about Islam and the route to radicalisation.

The BMCS's Farooq Siddique said: "This has not been said before in English by a high level Muslim scholar."

The letter was written by Sheikh Salman b. Fahd al-Oadah.

He is the general supervisor of IslamToday.com and had the letter read out on the US network, NBC, on 14 September.

The reaction since we published has been positive. We've had support from other faith groups
Farooq Siddique

The BMCS stated its intentions to publish the letter last week, and said the move had prompted a deluge of letters in response.

"Some [people] are concerned that this will bring unnecessary negative attention to our community", it said.

"Others have challenged us to prove that Osama is guilty of any crime. Others just do not wish to receive it."

But Mr Siddique said: "The reaction since we published has been positive. We've had support from other faith groups."

One quote from the letter reads: "This religion of ours comes to defence of the life of a sparrow.

"It can never accept the murder of innocent people, regardless of what supposed justification is given for it."

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