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Woman cleared after jail protest
Pauline Campbell being arrested in January
Ms Campbell has been arrested 14 times
A woman who has spent four years highlighting the number of deaths that occur each year in prison, has been cleared over her latest protest.

Pauline Campbell, 59, appeared before North Avon Magistrates' Court on Wednesday, which cleared her of obstructing the highway.

Ms Campbell was arrested after protesting outside Eastwood Park prison in South Gloucestershire in January.

Her daughter, Sarah, died in jail aged 18 in 2003.

The former college lecturer had been accused of deliberately blocking two prison vans attempting to take female inmates into jail.

'Common sense'

A district judge ruled the prosecution had failed to prove she had intended to obstruct a public highway.

Ms Campbell has staged 26 protests outside jails and been arrested 14 times, but never prosecuted.

"This is a victory for common sense and I feel justice has be seen to be done," she said.

"I'm grateful I haven't got a criminal record. This trial has been an ordeal but I hasn't put me off, if anything it has made even more determined because there have been 39 women who have died in prison since my daughter died."

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