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Last Updated: Friday, 4 May 2007, 00:00 GMT 01:00 UK
Lib Dems lose city cabinet member
Helen Holland
Labour leader Helen Holland held on to her seat
The Lib Dem councillor responsible for social services in Bristol has lost his seat.

Labour candidate Faruk Choudhury took Easton from John Kiely by 80 votes, with just under 30% of the vote.

The Lib Dem group also lost Filwood to Labour, which now has 25 seats on the hung council.

The Lib Dems are still the largest party on the authority, with 31 seats. The Tories stay on 13 and Bristol retains one green councillor.

Lib Dem and council leader, Barbara Janke, said she was sorry to lose Mr Kiely.


  Councillors Councils
Party +/- Total +/- Total
After 312 of 312 councils.
CON 911 5315 39 165
LAB -505 1877 -8 34
LD -246 2171 -4 23
OTH -162 1112 0 5
NOC - - -27 85


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"We were defending the largest number of seats on council and we have the confidence of the electorate in the city.

"We are achieving things as a minority administration, she added.

"It is business as usual."

The leader of the Labour group in the city, Helen Holland, held on to her seat in Whitchurch Park by just under 500 votes.

"We have very strong recognition on the doorstep, particularly over the issue of the south Bristol ring road and the rubbish collection," she said.

Regional results

Labour also held on to Southville - by six votes: the Greens came second.

The BNP came third in Frome Vale, St George East and Whitchurch Park.

Elsewhere in the region, the Tories gained 12 seats on South Gloucestershire Council, taking their total there to 34.

The Lib Dems lost six seats, and have 25 councillors, and Labour lost seven seats and now have nine representatives.

But the Tories took charge of North Somerset Council, wrestling the authority away from no overall control.

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