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Euthanasia woman withdraws case
Kelly Taylor
Kelly Taylor has previously tried to starve herself to death
A terminally-ill Bristol woman who had begun a legal fight to force doctors to let her die has withdrawn her case.

Kelly Taylor, 30, who is in constant pain with a heart and lung condition called Eisenmenger's Syndrome, wanted to be given a large dose of morphine.

She would have been left in a coma-like state and then had artificial food and hydration withdrawn.

But she has abandoned her case after having a request for an adjournment rejected by doctors.

Mrs Taylor is now considering advice to try further, non drug-based treatment.

She feels she has been forced to withdraw her case by the defendants and wishes to express how distressed she is by their actions
Dignity in Dying spokeswoman

Kelly Taylor had argued that medics were breaching human rights laws by refusing treatment leading to her death.

A Dignity in Dying spokeswoman said: "Kelly Taylor has been told that her request for an adjournment... has been rejected out of hand by the defendants.

"She feels she has been forced to withdraw her case by the defendants and wishes to express how distressed she is by their actions.

"Kelly remains committed to patient choice at the end of life.

"She will continue to campaign for the rights of terminally ill people to determine when and how they die."

Mrs Taylor attempted to starve herself to death as an act of voluntary euthanasia in July 2005 but after 19 days she was in so much pain she decided it was less dignified than her medical condition, and began eating again.

As well as the heart and lung condition Eisenmenger's syndrome, she also has a spinal condition, Klippel-Feil syndrome.

Her doctors have been unable to find a combination of drugs to relieve her pain, as she is allergic to many of those normally used to treat Eisenmenger's.

Mrs Taylor recently celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary with husband Richard.



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