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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 April 2007, 20:01 GMT 21:01 UK
Doubts cast over 'Banksy' mural
Council worker photographing the artwork
Bristol City Council said the artwork was likely to be removed
A mural on a wall in Bristol may have been done by a copycat admirer of the graffiti artist Banksy.

A stencilled dotted black line with a pair of scissors was sprayed on the side of a wall and along the pavement of Queens Road, in the Clifton area.

The "cut out coupon" appeared overnight between 4 and 5 April with the Banksy "tag" alongside.

A city council spokesman said he doubted the work was a genuine Banksy and was likely to be removed.

Screams fake to me. Banksy is 'better' than this work
Jay Vincent, poster on BBC messageboard

In a typically ambiguous statement, Banksy's spokeswoman, Jo Brooks, said: "He said it's not him, but then he always says that."

Asked if that meant it was his work, she replied: "I don't know."

Many posters to a BBC Bristol message board forum were also not convinced of its authenticity with many suggesting it was a student prank.

Banksy tag with running paint
Messageboard posters said Banksy would not have let the tag run

"No real statement, no real place of interest, similar image has been done before and the stencil isnt sharp. Screams fake to me. Banksy is 'better' than this work. I'd bet money on it being a Bristol student stunt," said Jay Vincent.

Last month, an early Banksy wall mural was mistakenly painted over by a council's graffiti-removal contractors in the city.

The 25ft-long artwork, on the side of garages in Bristol, was covered with a coat of thick black paint.

The city council ordered an investigation into the blunder.

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