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Plaque remembers false princess
Princess Caraboo
Princess Caraboo went on to be a successful businesswoman
A blue plaque marking the life of a servant girl who passed herself off as a foreign princess in the 1800s has been unveiled on a wall in Bristol.

Princess Caraboo (aka Mary Wilcocks) was a servant girl in Regency England who reinvented herself when she became tired of her lot.

In 1817 she showed up in Almondsbury, wearing exotic clothing and speaking the language of Javasu.

She was found out by a former employer who recognised her in a newspaper.

The plaque on the wall of a house in Bedminster tells the story of how she beguiled high society and later went on to become a successful businesswoman.

Her great-great-niece Christine Medley is proud of her achievements: "She ended up importing leeches from France to supply the Bristol Royal Infirmary so she did quite well."


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