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Last Updated: Saturday, 24 March 2007, 12:39 GMT
Spotters to report on terrorism
Plane spotters
Enthusiasts were told how to respond if they saw suspicious activity
Police have enlisted the help of plane spotters to safeguard Bristol Airport from criminal and terrorist activity.

Under the new Airport Watch Scheme, police are hoping to harness aircraft enthusiasts' expert knowledge and enthusiasm to add to airport security.

Insp Chris Ware said the spotters would not be used to replace airport security teams or police.

A meeting was held at the airport on Saturday where police briefed enthusiasts on what to look out for.

Mr Ware, who is in charge of the airport's police team, said: "There are many members of the public who regularly watch the activities at the airport from vantage points like Cooks Bridle Path.

"We have regular contact with many of them and are looking to harness their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm so they can be our extra eyes and ears around the airport."

He said enthusiasts have been told what action they should take in response should they spot suspicious activity.

"Provided the public watch activity at the airport in a legal and safe way, it can only be to everyone's advantage to work together through the Airport Watch scheme," he said.


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