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Last Updated: Sunday, 11 February 2007, 12:40 GMT
Free house as part of Banksy sale
Close-up of Banksy mural
The mural is one of the last free painted artworks made by Banksy
The owners of a Banksy mural have put it up for sale and have included their house in Bristol as part of the deal.

The sellers of 21 Mivart Street were horrified when they learnt that all prospective buyers would remove the mural after contracts were exchanged.

They have now enlisted the help of an art gallery to help sell the mural.

A Banksy artwork depicting pensioners bowling with bombs was sold for 102,000 at auction house Sotheby's last week.

House with Banksy mural
The house and the mural will now be sold as a package

Sarah Anslow of the Red Propeller art gallery in Devon, said: "We've been absolutely overwhelmed by the interest in this piece.

"It is an early Banksy, we think it's about four years old, so that in itself makes it unusual and it was free-painted.

"The people who own the house have decided to sell it but they've become frustrated as they've come close to exchanging contracts on several occasions only to find the prospective owners want to get rid of the mural.

"The owners consider it a work of art and want it kept as it is. They came to us to help sell it as a mural with a house attached."

Meanwhile, a London council has admitted street cleaners accidentally washed off two Banksy murals, including one of a girl in a frilly dress wearing a gas mask, off the side of a building.

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