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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 January 2007, 11:03 GMT
Police target cycle track crime
Bristol - Bath cycle track image Donald Sydney - from BBC Bristol website city views section
The track is well-used but has many parts which are secluded
Antisocial and criminal behaviour on the Bristol to Bath cycle track is to be targeted by police following a rise in crime on the popular route.

Uniformed police and plain-clothed officers will be out to gather information and arrest offenders.

A police spokeswoman said although it was well-used, parts of the track were secluded and away from populated areas.

"We know offenders use motorbikes after committing a crime. We are working hard to bring these people to justice."

Insp Polly Johnson added: "Following the operation we held last summer which saw 13 arrests we have continued with patrols of the cycle track and have done a lot of work to make the area safer and those who use it feel more secure.

"This is an opportunity to put extra resources into the issue," she said.

Local councillors will also go out on patrol with police to see the problems officers face and what is being done to tackle them.

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