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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 January 2007, 13:21 GMT
Renal unit's day room is 'a dump'
An inspection of the renal department at a Bristol hospital has described one patients' day room as "a dump" and the main entrance as a safety hazard.

The random check at Southmead Hospital also found cleaners using washing up liquid to clean floors as specialist cleaning liquid had not arrived.

They also noticed spillage from a dialysis machine and stains of indeterminate origin on a staircase.

But inspectors said the unit was well run by a well-respected matron.

Staff in the unit were also praised for their commitment.

Cluttered day room

The inspectors' report said the damaged and patched carpet in the main entrances was a health & safety hazard which should be dealt with at once.

They also found soiled linen in metal cages outside the entrance which had become soaked by heavy rain and an open door next to this area which led to the dialysis unit.

"We felt that this situation was unacceptable and should be addressed immediately," said inspectors Chris Windows and Graham Spencer.

Following the report Sonia Mills, chief executive of the North Bristol NHS Trust, said an action plan had been put together to deal with the points made by the inspectors.

Responding to the criticism of the day room on Carrington Ward, Ms Mills said: "On the day of the visit, the dayroom had items which were waiting to be collected by the porters.

"New shelves were being fitted in Carrington Ward's storeroom so the store items were there on a temporary basis. As I was at Carrington Ward this week, I have personally seen that this is now finished."

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