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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 December 2006, 08:57 GMT
More IVF at new fertility centre
Bristol's NHS and private fertility treatment centres are to be brought under one roof in a 3.5m purpose-built centre at Southmead Hospital.

The move, which will be mostly funded by private money, is expected to result in an increase in the number of IVF and other treatments being available.

Currently, Southmead's Cotswold Unit provides the only NHS IVF treatment in the Bristol area.

The University of Bristol's Centre for Reproductive Medicine is privately-run.

In the period 2006/7 there were 70 IVF cycles funded by the NHS in the Bristol area.

North Bristol Primary Care Trust estimates the total number of cycles in the planned first year of the unified service (from January 2008) will be between 900 and 950 (125 NHS cycles in addition to between 775 and 825 private).


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