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Last Updated: Monday, 13 November 2006, 06:45 GMT
New schools' costs 'keep rising'
Computer image of Redland Green school
The school will fully open next year
Three school-building projects in Bristol have gone 2m over budget.

Redland Green was due to cost 30.5m, but a report before the city council predicts this will now rise to 31.6m, a rise of more than 1.2m.

The council blames the overspend on poor project management and changes to the school's design.

Work at Fairfield school has gone 430,000 over budget, as has work on the Charnwood Centre at Cotham School. which is nine weeks behind schedule.

Year 7

The overall budget for Fairfield, which has had problems with acoustics and ventilation, was 22.4m.

About 5m had been set aside for the Charnwood Centre.

The Redland Green school is now open off-site with year 7 currently being taught at the former Fairfield School building in Fairlawn Road.

Years 7 and 8, plus the first year 12 intake, will be based at Redland from September 2007. This is not expected to change with the over-spend.

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