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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 November 2006, 13:49 GMT
Burglar 'happily' posed for photo
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson had no qualms about having his picture taken
A burglar who allowed his photo to be taken as he fled a house he had broken into has been given a 51-week jail sentence suspended for two years.

Daniel Johnson, 32, of no fixed address, had burgled Astrid Sims' home and stolen bank cards and a bus pass.

Mrs Sims, 69, shouted for help as Johnson left her flat in Redland, Bristol, on 10 September.

Bristol Crown Court heard Johnson posed for a picture taken by a neighbour on her camera phone.

Johnson pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary and asked for 10 similar incidents to be taken into consideration.

Jason Taylor, prosecuting, told the court that Johnson had "consented" to having his picture taken and had then cycled off on a bike.

He said that guilt-ridden Johnson had later returned the stolen items to Mrs Sims, by posting them through her letterbox.

Police circulated the camera photo image of Mr Johnson and he was arrested.

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