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Last Updated: Thursday, 26 October 2006, 06:47 GMT 07:47 UK
Yachtsman rescued from stormy sea
The stricken yacht is being towed back into port
A Bristol man has been rescued after falling overboard in stormy seas from his yacht, Rash, 15 miles off the coast of Spain.

Coastguards in Falmouth, Cornwall, received the distress call in the early hours of Thursday marking the vessel off the Portuguese coast.

Later coordinates showed the yacht near Vigo, Spain, and rescue helicopters and boats were sent by Madrid coastguards.

The man was pulled from the water by Spanish fishermen just after 0330 BST.

'Safe and well'

A spokesman for Falmouth Coastguard said both crew members were taken on board the fishing vessel which is bringing them back into Vigo.

"It seems that the man who fell into the water is safe and well, despite having been in the water for a considerable amount of time.

"The weather in the area was not great at the time of the rescue, with force five to seven winds, occasionally gale force eight and thundery showers," he said.

The stricken yacht was towed back into port.

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