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Last Updated: Monday, 28 August 2006, 14:19 GMT 15:19 UK
Burglars steal 10k charity cash
Up to 10,000 in charity takings from a family day has been stolen from a football club near Bristol.

The burglary took place on Monday morning at Portishead Football Club following the event on Sunday.

Police say the burglars got in through the roof of the clubhouse and broke in through the skittle alley.

Hammers and a crowbar were left at the scene, although police say the offenders ended up taking the entire safe from the building.

Portishead FC's chairman, Bob Parsons, said: "The day was to raise money for Childrens' Hospice South West and the Babe appeal.

"We were also raising money to put floodlights into the club which is absolutely necessary for the under-18s football.

"We've been robbed and burgled but so have the charities and that really upsets the people here."

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