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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 August 2006, 06:46 GMT 07:46 UK
Noise complaints rise in heatwave
Complaints about noisy neighbours in Bristol almost doubled during the heatwave, the city council said.

Barbecues, parties spilling out into gardens and music blaring from open windows and doors were mostly to blame.

There has also been an increase in burglar alarms going off, in some cases while people were away on holiday.

The authority asked neighbours to be considerate and issued a reminder that offenders can be fined up to 5,000 and have their music equipment confiscated.

Complaints backlog

Pollution control officers are now working through a backlog of complaints.

A council spokesperson said: "It's great that everyone wants to take advantage of the good weather.

"But we would like everyone to respect their neighbours, act responsibly and make sure they are not causing unreasonable disturbance, especially at night."

Householders with burglar alarms were also reminded to nominate a keyholder who can switch off a device if needed.

If not, council officers can take action to deactivate an alarm and charge the occupiers for the costs incurred which may be up to 200.

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