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Toddler killed by casserole dish
A toddler was killed by a casserole dish as she tried to help her mother clear the table, an inquest has heard.

Jess Simpkins, from Cirencester, was a month short of her third birthday when she was fatally injured.

She dropped the dish and as it smashed, a shard of glass flew up and hit her on the neck, slicing her jugular vein.

The inquest in Gloucester heard the injury caused massive blood loss and Jess died shortly after arriving at hospital in February this year.

Her mother Amy Simpkins told police the day after the accident that Jess had often helped with the household chores.

She dropped the dish. It hit the floor and splintered. A piece flew up and hit her on the neck.
Amy Simpkins
"She loved washing up and helping to clear the table," she said. "We were always very careful to try to keep her safe.

"She used to take out her spoon and fork but... she must have decided to pick up a casserole dish.

"I heard her say 'It's heavy'. She turned round to go to the kitchen and as I watched her she dropped the dish.

"It hit the floor and splintered. A piece flew up and hit her on the neck. Jess screamed."

Recording a verdict of accident death, Gloucestershire Coroner Alan Crickmore said the incident had "caused her to bleed to death despite the best efforts of her mother and grandmother to provide first aid."

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