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Great tit hatches eggs in ashtray
Great tit in ashtray
The bird has been nicknamed Splutter
A family of great tits have given workers at a Bristol accountancy firm a good reason to give up smoking.

The mother bird set up home a few weeks ago in a wall-mounted ashtray outside PKF accountants in Clifton, building a nest out of discarded cigarette ends.

The bird - nicknamed Splutter - laid four eggs which hatched this week and flaps furiously if anyone approaches her ashtray home with a cigarette butt.

A notice has been put up asking smokers to stub out their cigarettes elsewhere.

'Quite sweet'

The company's marketing executive, Sue Nash, said: "The bird turned up a couple of weeks ago and lined the nest by pulling the sponge out of the cigarette ends and bits out of cigarette papers.

"She seems to be cosy in there and has now got four little chicks in there with her.

"She's only small but she lets you know if you go too close to the ashtray though, so we stay away.

"The smokers in the office have taken it well and think it's quite sweet and it's a bit of an extra incentive to give up."

Earlier this month police in Dorchester had to cordon off the ashtray outside their police station after a family of blue tits set up home there.

Great tit makes home in ashtray
10 May 05 |  West Midlands



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