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Last Updated: Monday, 22 May 2006, 18:13 GMT 19:13 UK
Killer moved after media interest
A convicted child killer has been moved from a hostel in the centre of Bristol after his whereabouts were published in a Sunday newspaper.

Robert Oliver, who was jailed for the manslaughter of a 14-year-old boy, was photographed walking around St Pauls where he was living in a bail hostel.

He was one a gang of men jailed in 1989 for the abduction, rape and killing of Jason Swift in London.

Oliver was released in 1997 and remains supervised by the probation service.

He was forced out of a house in Swindon in 1997 and the whereabouts of another member of the paedophile gang, Sidney Cooke, was the subject of demonstrations in Yeovil a year later.

Jill Cotgrove of the Probation Service told the BBC: "This has all come about, not because he has committed a further offence or given cause for concern.

"We have supervised him for some time and he's been compliant and has not given us any cause for concern."


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