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Last Updated: Monday, 22 May 2006, 08:43 GMT 09:43 UK
Amnesty aims to reduce knife risk
Red wheelie bins used for collecting knives
Distinctive red wheelie bins are being used as collection points
Red wheelie bins are being distributed throughout the Avon and Somerset police area, to be used as collection points in a five-week knives amnesty.

Blades and knives were used illegally in more than 2,000 incidents in the past year.

Those who surrender blades are being reassured they will not be arrested for possession of an offensive weapon.

The aim of the amnesty is to stop the trend of people carrying knives around with them.

Safer streets

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Mortimore said: "There've been several high profile [news] stories nationally, so any knives we can take out of circulation will hopefully make our streets safer."

He advised anyone planning to hand in a weapon to make sure it is sheathed or safely wrapped in cardboard and secured with tape.

However, anyone caught with a knife in their possession and does not appear to be making a bona fide trip to one of the collection points will be arrested, he warned.

'Good result' for knives amnesty
10 Feb 05 |  Bristol/Somerset

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