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Last Updated: Thursday, 27 April 2006, 18:39 GMT 19:39 UK
'Noisy' family may face eviction
John Hodgkins's garden
Mr Hodgkins is likely to be given a final chance
A family of 12 is facing eviction from a Bristol council house under ground- breaking anti-social behaviour laws.

An interim anti-social behaviour order bans John Hodgkins from working on cars in and around his Sea Mills property.

Bristol City Council is claiming at a county court hearing in the city that he has breached the order.

The council has applied to the court for a "demotion of tenancy". If he breaks the rules again his family will face eviction.

At county court on Thursday, Mr Hodgkins was asked about using an angle grinder to cut up a caravan and a minibus at the property.

He said the noise level was no worse than a hedge trimmer or a lawn mower.

The hearing continues.

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