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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 March 2006, 14:50 GMT
Crooks captured by helmet cams
Head-mounted cameras are to be worn by some police officers in Bath and North East Somerset to capture incidents and provide evidence to identify offenders.

The lightweight cameras, which also record sound, can be worn by police during the day and at night.

The cameras record straight onto a computer disc and can offer instant replays so officers can check details.

A force spokesman said they would be used to gather evidence and allow for more transparency of officers' actions.

"Often people who are intoxicated are unaware of their actions when interviewed the following day, but we now have the ability to play back footage showing their involvement in great detail.

"The cameras, which are clearly visible when worn, will be used for crime reduction and crime detection purposes," he said.

The cameras have been funded through the Bath and North East Somerset community safety and drugs partnership and will also be used by street marshals patrolling the city centre.

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