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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 March 2006, 15:55 GMT
Cat rides 180 miles under bonnet
Nacho the cat
Nacho's owner was traced through his microchip
A pet cat travelled 180 miles under the bonnet of a car, after hitching a ride from his home in Bristol.

Nacho used up one of his nine lives riding to Liverpool where passers-by found him after hearing him meowing.

He had climbed into the bonnet space of the car of his owner's neighbour, who was driving a friend to the city.

His owner Natalie Roberts, 24, said the cat may have had a reason for running away. "He was due to be neutered this week - maybe that was why," she said.

'Completely shocked'

Miss Roberts had let the cat out on Sunday night but he did not return.

"I was a bit worried when it got dark and he hadn't returned as he doesn't usually go any further than the end of the garden," she said.

"The following morning I went to work, fearing the worst, thinking he may have been hit by a car.

"Then I got a call from the RSPCA in Liverpool saying they had found my cat - I was completely shocked."

The RSPCA traced Miss Roberts through the cat's microchip and the pair were reunited at home in Emerson's Green.

Miss Roberts said: "He had burns on his tail, which will need an operation, and some other small burns, but apart from that it's like it never happened."

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