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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 February 2006, 11:33 GMT
Name's 'slavery link offensive'
People in the St Pauls area of Bristol say they are offended by the choice of name for a revamped area of the city.

The Bristol Alliance wants to rename Broadmead the Merchants' Quarter, but for many the name has connotations with the city's slave trading past.

St Paul's resident Maryanne Kempf said: "I think that name is culturally inappropriate and offensive to many."

Bristol Alliance defended the name saying merchants had played a crucial role in the story of the city.

'Seafaring history'

In a statement, Rob Graham, Bristol Alliance marketing manager, said: "The name Merchants' Quarter links Bristol's regenerated city centre with its rich seafaring history.

"Merchants have played a crucial role in the story of this great city, from the wine and wool merchants, to the merchant mariners of the last century.

The name should be changed to something more culturally appropriate
St Paul's resident Maryanne Kempf

"The future success of this scheme relies on the retailers and their sales of merchandise - they are the merchants of the 21st Century, and their shops will be today's version of the bustling markets that have thrived in Bristol since the Middle Ages."

But Ms Kempf said there had been consulation over the name: "If a name offends people then it should not be used and this offends a lot of people and those people matter.

"What I would like is for the name to remain Broadmead or for the name to be changed to something more culturally appropriate," she said.

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