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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 February 2006, 15:54 GMT
Rise in violence blamed on drugs
A visitor passes drugs to an inmate at Bristol prison
An inmate is passed heroin by a visitor to Bristol prison
Violence at Bristol Prison is rising due to the widespread use of heroin, crack cocaine and cannabis among inmates, according to prison officers.

Drugs are brought into the prison by visitors where they sell for five times the price outside, but when debts mount among inmates, violence escalates.

"Some of the prisoners put their families under a lot of pressure," said governor Suzy Diamond-White.

In 2005 56 prisoners were caught trying to smuggle drugs, double 2004's figure.

Richard, a former inmate at Bristol Prison, described some of the methods used by inmates to ensure drug debts were paid.

"Double razors to the face, tins of corned beef in pillow cases - people get really smashed up," he said.

The drugs situation at the prison is part of the wider problem in the city, according to Ms Diamond-White.

"It doesn't help make the community in here any safer and it certainly doesn't help make the community outside in Bristol any safer," she said.

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